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Our postal data is updated monthly, our street data is updated quarterly.
Free count of deliveries by carrier route with each purchase. -

Let's Talk Turkey!

I were your printer or mailer and you told me you didn't want to mail to the "other side of town" I would simply open my laptop and show you a carrier route map exactly like the ones we sell.  By looking at the map together we could determine what the "other side of town" meant in your mind.

Your next question to me would be, "how many deliveries are there",  followed by, "what's it gonna' cost"?  By adding up the total number of deliveries in each route which was supplied me along with the map by I could then tell you exactly how many pieces and the approximate postage cost for the mailing.  The printing cost and mail preparation price
(addressing and preparing for the PO) would be the only costs yet to be computed but I could figure that out in a minute because I now knew the number and type of pieces you wanted to send.

You don't have to be a printer or mailer to have use for this type of info.  If you are a church trying to reach out, a pizza maker trying to expand the business or a realtor planning mailings for the next few months this information is invaluable.

So, why would you buy from instead of one of the web sites that specialize in carrier route maps?  Well for starters, that's where we get them too, it's the same info.  Because we buy them at a discount we are able to share the savings with you. So, if you find our web site isn't fancy enough then by all means feel free to go spend your hard earned dollars elsewhere.  We simply want you to be happy! 

Carrier route maps shows the streets
within each Zip Code area

Click On Sample Map to Open
In Adobe PDF Format
then zoom down to street level

A carrier route is the area that one
USPS mail carrier delivers mail to each day.
There can be as many as 50 carrier routes in a single zip code.

How Can A Carrier Route Map Be Used?

Targeting Marketing is the practice of advertising only to the people most likely to respond to your advertisement.  That is an over-simplification but it is the short answer.  Many simply select the carrier routes closest to their business which because of proximity are most likely to purchase their goods or services.  This reduces the number of pieces needed to print, prepare and pay postage on while rendering the highest rate of return on their investment.  It also permits elimination of expenditures for areas expected to be a waste of resources.

Yet another good use for a carrier route map is when you plan to solicit or drop brochures at residences or as a starting point to equitably divide a geographic area.  How do you make certain the whole area is covered and that you haven't overloaded some people doing the work while underutilizing others?  The USPS has pretty much done the work for you.   Carrier routes are suppose to be pretty equal to each other, forming the "street portion" of a mailpersons 8 hour day. It is a reasonably equitable measure of workload.

You can be assured that you are receiving the most accurate carrier route map available!
Zip Code carrier route maps can be printed on an standard 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper, and additional map is provided free which prints out at 17" x 22" allowing for more detail but you will have to find a wider carriage printer .

County carrier route maps print out on a much different basis owing to the fact that there is so much data associated with them.  They show much less street detail and the final print size can be 4 ft by 4 ft - depending on county shape/size.  Until you "zoom" on a county map it looks like just a bunch of "black stuff".  You'll recognize them as the street names once you zoom in to read them

Who Else Can Use One ?

Realtors - Pizza Shops - Election Canvassers - Telephone Book Delivery People - Data Processing Firms - Anyone Needing to Equitably Divide Area


CALL 800-471-8500  to place your order.

Existing customers may order via email.

The Secret !!!
When you add data to your maps it becomes more valuable.  Wouldn't it be nice to know how may single family homes and apartments are on each route?  How many businesses?

For Additional Information Or To Place An Order Call 800-471-8500