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Mail Manager 2010 LE (Lite Edition)

Designed for the smaller mailer who does not require all of the advanced capabilities Mail Manager 2010 has to offer.

Mail Manager 2010 LE is the program for you if:
You are a small or occasional mailer
You are looking for a low cost, yet powerful, mailing list management solution
You need a program that will provide you with a clear upgrade path to the most powerful
and easy to use program in the industry, without having to learn a new program.

Feature-by-Feature Comparison 
of Mail Manager 2010 vs. Mail Manager 2010 LE 

(Please scroll down to view the comparison chart)

Which is right for you?
 Presort Features
 First Class


 Standard Mail

  Package Services


 Letters, cards/double cards, flats,

 Machinable/Irregular parcels



 ECR/Walk Sequence/AutoCR/

 3-digit CR/5-digit scheme/Nonprofit

 Piece weight/thickness calculation

 Enter piece dimensions


 Multiple destinations 


  Firm Packaging


  Palletization-Tray/Package Based


 Change pack/container order 

 Ride-along piece for periodicals

 Save multiple presorts 


 Advanced presort settings 


  Presort Documentation
   USPS Qualification Report

   Postage Statement

   Zone Listing Report

   **Container Totals Report


   **Presort Summary Report


 Presort selectivity

 Change label design

 Modify/mark records

 Container Tags

   Identifier label

   Label/page dimensions

   TrayMate options

   Default/save settings

   CR Facing slips

   Save to disk option

  Container Tag Information line 
   Customize Information Line Info   
   Current sack/tray number

   Number of packs in the sack 

   Number of pieces in the sack/tray

   Current date/Time

   List name

   Container type

   Zone number

   BMC number 

 Mailing Statements
   PS Form 3600-R,-P

   PS Form 3541, -X

   PS Form 3602-R, -P, -N, -PN

   PS Form 3602-RS, -PS, -NS, -NPS

  PS Form 3605-BR, DBR, BP, DBP, PR, PP, SR



 Which is right for you?
  ZIP+4 Encoding
  LOT Assignment
  Swap address lines

  Standardize delivery address

  Standardize city

  Abbreviate city

  Use small town default 

  Ignore non-USPS addresses

  Extended Matching

  Encode 3 Address groups

  Case Conversion

   Return Input Firm As Is

  User certification

  PS Form 3553 CASS Form

  National Deliverability Index Report

  ZIP+4 Researching


Which is right for you?
 List Maintenance
 Filter selected records

 Hide/Unhide Selected Records

 Delete Hidden Records



 Find and Replace

 Calculated Expressions

 Memo Fields

 Mark Non Presorted Records

 Modify Record Layout

 Modify Selected Records
   Confirm individual records

   Show sample data

   Copy/join fields

   Constant text

   Clear field

   Filter characters

   Replace words

   Calculate expression

   Pad ZIP Code with zeros

   Convert date format

   Calculate walk sequence

   Enter sequential counter number

 Duplicate Record Identification
   Duplicate Report

   Summary Report

   Hide duplicates

   Edit duplicates

   Mark duplicates

   Calculate priorities

   Unlimited fields (100 character max)

   Expression Builder

 Layout Modification
   Change field name

   Create/change captions

   Change field length

   Align/move fields

   Change address group

   Change datatype

   Create/change mask

   Select lookup table

   Skip field

   Calculated fields

   Change tab order

 Lookup Tables



Which is right for you?
 Import Features
 Import File Types 

   Don't know let us guess


   MM 2000

   Fixed length CR/LF

   Label image (1 up)

   Label image (1 to 4-up)

   Standard ASCII


   Borland Paradox

   MS Access

   MS Excel

 Import Methods
   Add all records

   Delete records before importing

   Merge source and destination files

   Hide matching records on import

 Join Fields (up to 10 fields) 

 Split Fields 

   Split City, State & ZIP

   Split from left

   Split from right

   Split City

   Split State

   Split ZIP

 Import Options
   Show status during import

   Delete source file after importing

   Add constant text

   Auto-fill Walk Sequence

   Select imported record number

   Remove all spaces

   Remove redundant spaces

   Strip leading spaces and zeros

   Filter characters

   Replace filtered characters @ space

   Case change

   Date format change

   Pivot year

   Don't warn about field truncation

   Apply to all fields

 Import Selectivity

 Save transfer format


Which is right for you?
  Data Types Supported
 ACS Checkdigit

 ACS Keyline


 Auto Increment

 BMC Number


 Business/Residential Flag

 Carrier Route


  COA Data Types
   Match Flag, Move Date, Move Type, Processing Date

  Company (Firm)


  Date and Time

  Date Printed

  Date Record Added

  Date Record Updated

  Delivery Address

   Alternate Address 1, Suite/Apt

   Alternate Address 2  
 FASTforward Data Types
   Move Effective Date, Record Key, Timeout Count


  **Latitude and Longitude

  Lookup Table



   Binary Coded Decimal (BCD)

   Number, Currency, Decimal, Integer, Small Integer, Word

  Operator Code

  Person Data Types
   First Name, Full Name, Last Name, Middle Name

  PR Urbanization Name

  Presort Data Types
   In-County Indicator, Optional Endorsement Line,
   Pack Number, Pack Piece Count, Piece 
   Number, Postal Zone Number, Sack/Pack
   Numbers, Sack Number, Sequence Number,
   Stream Code

   Subscriber Flag

  Salutation Text

  State Abbreviation



  Videojet Makeup Code

  Walk Sequence

  ZIP+4 Data Types
   Check Digit, Delivery Point, FIPS County Code,
   Footnotes Codes, LACS Status

   Line of Travel (LOT)

   Congressional District, County Name

  ZIP+4 Parsed Data Types
   PMB Designator, PMB Number, 
   Post-directional, Pre-directional, Primary Name,
   Primary Number, Secondary Unit,
   Descr./Number, Suffix

  Z4, Plus 4 Addon

  Z4, Postal Finance Number

  Z4, Record Type

  Z4, Return Code

  Z4, ZIP+4/DP/Chk Dgt Combo



  Which is right for you?
 Labels - Special Fields
   ACS Checkdigit

   BMC Number

   Calculated text/Conditional text

   Constant text

   Date printed

   **Graphic Image

   Label number

   List name

   Mod 10 check digit

   Record number

   **Rich Text Support

   Sequential label number

   ZIP+4/DP combo

   FIM Barcode

   PLANET barcode

   POSTNET barcode

   Machinable Parcel barcode

  Presort Related
   In County Indicator

   Optional Endorsement Line

   Pack number

   Pack piece count

   Piece number

   Postal Zone number

   Sack number

   Sack and pack numbers

   Sequence number

   Stream code

   Visual sack/pack separators

  Label Properties
   Reverse order


   Repeat labels

   Change address group

   Sequence start number

   Enhanced line floating

   Remove leading/trailing spaces

   Case conversion

   Form feed



  Which is right for you?
 Labels - Output
  Output File Types Supported


   Astrojet, Astrojet 2+ or higher, Astrojet CSV






   Fixed length



   Imaje Jet Thinker, Messager


   Label Image - 1 up

   Label Image - 2 to 4 up

   Marconi Print Mail

   MCS Pro Inkjet

   MS Access


   Pitney Bowes Envelope Designer




   Videojet JSII, PrintPro, TEXT/TEXT2, VIP 2, VIPIII/IV/NT

   Wink Jet

   Word Perfect merge 

  Print to file settings
   Header record

   Delimited File Options

   Fixed width lines

   Label width, height, separation

   Number across/down

   Special options for Astrojet, dBase, Paradox,
     Access, Videojet, fixed length, Diconix, Admark,
     SCITEX, and Kodak files 

   Append label files

  Label / Page Setup
   Paper size, source, width, height, orientation, margins

   Label width, height, pitch, number across/down

   Units (characters/inches)

   CPI/LPI settings

   Templates (Avery, MACO,etc.)


Which is right for you?
 All Windows Printers

  Most non-Windows printers found in the mailroom 
 including band, dot matrix, line matrix and laser


Which is right for you?
  Allows unattended processing of multiple tasks.
 Setup a sequence of steps (eg. Import, ZIP+4
 encode, Presort, Print Labels) and run entire job
 with a single command. Includes Record/Playback
 and scheduling capabilities.


Which is right for you?
 Background Processing
 Begin as many tasks as you wish and MM2010 will
 keep them all running, giving the progress, speed
 and completion times of each task.  ZIP+4 encode
a list while performing a Presort on another list;
  Importing yet another list and preparing many
 other lists for MOVE Update processing all at the
 same time


Which is right for you?
 Export Features
 Export File Types 

   Delimited (e.g., Comma)

   Fixed length (CR/LF)

   Standard ASCII fixed length

   Borland Paradox

   MS Access/Excel

 Export Options
   Select index

   Select fields

   Rename fields

   Export record number

   Remove all spaces

   Remove redundant spaces

   Strip leading spaces and zeros

   Include/delete mask characters

   Case change (upper or mixed)

   Change date format

   Specify dBase level

 Delimited File Options 

   Specify Delimiter

   Specify Separator

   Specify Quote character

 Text File Options
   Delimiter & truncate trailing blanks 



 Which is right for you?
 Create New List from dBASE

  Create New List from Template

  Create New List - Blank

  Create Sublist

  Delete List



  Convert MM2000 lists


Which is right for you?


 User Defined



  Which is right for you?
  MOVE Update Services




Available in MM2010 LE as an Option
** Available in an upcoming release of MM2010

Mail Manager 2010 Premium Options


For Additional Information Or To Place An Order Call 800-471-8500