About Us

When retired US Postmaster and US Army Vietnam Veteran Mr. Lawrence Gohmann founded the parent company of MailingSupplies.com, now approaching 3 decades, he saw tremendous opportunity for postal discounts and efficiencies through mailing, shipping, and packaging products not being offered on an individual basis or in significant quantities/capacities that have now come to benefit consumers and corporations of all sizes.

Fast forward to today, we now have the ability to cost-effectively and efficiently ship 20,000+ products individually or in vast quantities reaching the millions due to our extensive and strategic supply chain network of distribution centers throughout the US. Mailingsupplies.com together with our affiliate site www.ShippingSuppliesNow.com, which provides over 1,600 variations of corrugated Box types and sizes along with 10’s of thousands of other products, individual consumers, not for profit and governmental organizations along with world-renowned corporations have trusted us to supply their offices, churches, schools, and facility locations approaching 30 years now.

Though our means of doing business has changed over the years, our commitment to customer satisfaction has not. We have quietly become the leader in meeting the needs of the mailing, shipping, and packaging industries, which keeps our customers coming back.

Our experienced team has decades of extensive industry expertise and are always available at 800.471.8500 or info@mailingsupplies.com.

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