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Worry and Delay-free running Wafer Seals, Tabs and Labels

Are you a company that makes large shipments of packages or letters on a regular basis? Maybe you're an at-home business shipping customized orders to customers? No matter why you're in need of mailing, shipping, or packaging supplies, our seasoned team stands ready to efficiently deliver the quality materials you need without delay.

From mailing and wafer seals to padded envelopes and mailing tabs, has made it our mission to consistently deliver the products companies need in the amounts they require and yet at ultra-competitive prices. We understand how challenging it can be to find specific mailing and packaging supplies, especially when bulk or custom orders are called for. That is why we've created simplified product solutions through our easy-to-navigate e-commerce sites while also having the ability to produce custom products, sizes and quantities when needed.

Great Deals on your Mailing, Shipping & Packaging Supplies

How you package your shipments not only keeps them safe during their journey, but also plays a major role in the overall first impression your customer will have about your company or products. Items that are packaged with correct materials, in an attractive manner, provide a better presentation for your company  than those standard materials you can cobble together in stores.

When you shop with us, you're able to find exactly what you need to get your package and overall "presentation" looking great on its way out the door. We carry the web's widest variety of USPS approved mailing, shipping and packaging products to make life easier when packaging and shipping  orders.

Your Complete Satisfaction Is Our Goal

If you are in the business of mailing products or items, there will be a need to constantly restock your shipping and packaging materials. That means it is very important to our company to exceed your expectations each and every time you shop with us. This helps you find the perfect source for your mailing materials while helping us to expand and maintain our growing list of satisfied customers.

We will help make sure you're getting the right materials for your shipping needs by reaching out to us today. Given our strategic distribution and constantly evolving  and upgraded supply chains we always offer ultra-competitive pricing on our 20,000+ items, whether you just need a small order of padded envelopes or bulk mailing seals, labels or tabs.

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